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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Who Is Aunt Flow? 

Hello, from Oluna! Today we are excited to announce our brand new partnership with Aunt Flow - a period product company on a mission to make period products accessible to everyone. That’s right - we said it - everyone.

It started with noticing a huge problem (that many of our customers who frequent women’s bathrooms may know)...Women’s bathrooms usually have antiquated period product dispensers. Many of them are encased in harsh, gray metal and require a quarter to dispense a period product that is often not there. Also, who ever carries a quarter with them?

Aunt Flow was started in 2016 when founder, Claire Coder, was just 19. “I was inspired to start the business because I was at an event and I got my period,” she says. “There were no tampons. It was one of those events where there’s only men - a tech event - and you don’t feel comfortable asking for a tampon. So I had to leave the event.” The company sells menstrual products to organizations and then donates menstrual products back to menstruators living in need in the USA. 

Although they sell to consumers, Aunt Flow is focused on selling to businesses. It’s part of Coder’s broader mission to ensure that everyone has access to free products (did we mention that they are 100-percent cotton, FDA-regulated, hypoallergenic, and biodegradable?) in their office bathrooms. She is advocating for the women who are caught at work when a period comes unexpectedly and unplanned - the women who could be spotting due to a recent birth control switch, post pregnancy spotting, or just grabbed a different purse for the day and spaced on throwing a tampon in.

Oluna is similar to Aunt Flow in that we start the conversation around period advocacy in an approachable language that everyone can understand. In Aunt Flow’s case, it’s money $$$. According to research done in partnership with the organization, Free the Tampons, it “costs more in time for a company to have an employee leave the office and go buy tampons if they’re out than it costs for the company to stock them for free.” And guess what? “Our biggest supporters are typically male high executives. We call them our flow bros.” Coder says.

Oluna's Team

Oluna wanted in on this flow. Together, we have a strong voice when it comes to letting people know that everyone needs to have access to period products in any situation. That’s why we are putting our heads (and hearts) together to increase awareness and shed the stigma. This Valentine’s Day, Aunt Flow and Oluna have joined in a self-love campaign to remind our collective audiences to show themselves some love this time of year. Because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t need some extra self-love in the middle of a pandemic?! 

The campaign launches on February 12 with an Instagram giveaway. By entering, you have the chance to win 3 months worth of 100% organic cotton menstrual products from Aunt Flow, a pair of Oluna pants, and a full pack of healthy seeds from Now that’s what we call a (self) care package!

Join Our Team


Is there a way that I can join the Oluna and Aunt Flow team to fulfill their missions of ending period poverty for all? Yes! And, it’s simple. By wearing our uber soft and flowy pants, you are starting and continuing the conversation around a once taboo topic. With every purchase, we donate a year’s supply of period products to an American in need. We urge you to go to your employer or HR representative and refer them to Aunt Flow. Free tampons in the office and increased productivity? It’s a win-win.


In the meantime, look out for our Valentine’s day self-care giveaway starting on February 12th at 12 PM EST. Our very lucky winner will be announced on 2/15. Stay in the know by joining our newsletter and following us on social. Did we mention that you’ll get 10% off your first order?


We believe that one person can create a significant impact in their community, but together we can change the world.


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